I believe in bike commuting.
I believe in kitchen dance parties.
I believe art is a lot harder to make weirder than it is to reel it in.
I believe in ordering a bottle instead of a glass.
I believe radio and film is our best shot at changing the world.
I believe in reusable coffee mugs. (and the lattes they carry.)
I believe in the power of community.

I love this work. I am a storyteller who works in almost every medium. Seeing creative projects through every stage of their process, I manage artists and production studios to produce award-winning film, TV, radio, and print advertising.

I'm mildly obsessed with good podcasts, community radio, documentaries, trail running, bike touring, French wines, and cheeseboards. My husband is my favorite adventure partner. My girlfriends are my favorite dance partners. I have a shortlist of favorite creative partners—wanna team up?

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